Scandinavian Transport

My main area of work is Scandinavia.

I have organized transports to Scandinavia many times, this is why I am a person that safely and on time can deliver your goods even to the farthest points of Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

Scandinavia is an area generally inaccessible to all carriers, to be able to get there in the winter you need drivers with a lot of experience, appropriate equipment and knowledge of the routes in these countries. I can guarantee it.

For your convenience, I book ferries and provide customs clearance.
I organize transport of various goods such as steel, wood, machinery, construction, building materials, chemicals, food and cars.
Goods always arrive safe and on time. These are priorities for me as well as my clients.

Our motto is: 'Where others fail, we are going to continue'

Dawid Miarka
tel. +48 791 098 161